Why Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu has a diversified manufacturing sector and features among the leaders in several industries like automobiles and auto components, engineering, pharmaceuticals, garments, textile products, leather products, chemicals, plastics, etc. It ranks first among the states in terms of number of factories and industrial workers. Chennai rated among world’s 20 fastest growing cities by Forbes. Contributes more than 10% of the national output in paper, machinery, electronics, textiles, auto & auto components and leather products.

Tamil Nadu has a well-developed infrastructure with an excellent road and rail network, three major ports Only state in India with 4 international airports, offering direct connectivity with over 20 countries. Excellent road network of over 62,000 km, with a road density of 177 km per 100 sq. km, well above the national average of 148 km per 100 sq. km. India’s second largest coastline of 1076 km, and home to first dedicated container terminal. Almost 80% of infrastructure investment planned in energy, transport, water supply, industrial/commercial activities and urban infrastructure. Government of Tamil Nadu has already identified 217 high priority projects.

Home For

  • 40000 Major Industrial Units
  • 3000 Foreign Companies
  • 50 of Fortune 500 Companies
  • 3 million MSMEs

An Economic Powerhouse on a High Growth Trajectory

  • The 2nd Largest Contributor of India’s GDP – 8.4%
  • Chennai – The 2nd Financial Hub in India after Mumbai

A Global Industrial And Manufacturing Hub

  • Total Factories – 17%
  • Industrial Workforce – 16%
  • MSMEs – 15%
  • Renewable Energy – 8000 + MW

The 3rd Highest Fdi Destination In India

  • Attracted US $ 17.6 Billion FDI over the Last 15 years Period (2000 – 2015)
  • FDI Inows into TN Jumped 70% in ‘2014 – 2015’