Why Karnataka?

Karnataka has emerged as a leading player in the biotechnology revolution of India. Today Karnataka is considered as the biotech hub of the country. It is the preferred destination biotech investment in the country. More than 60% of the biotech companies in the country have a base in Karnataka. The state is responsible for 50% of the total revenues being generated in the biotech sector in India.

Key factors influencing the growth of the biotechnology sector in Karnataka

The biotech sector in Karnataka is growing at an accelerated rate. Due to this, the state is witnessing enhanced investments and outsourcing activities. Among the major factors boosting the growth of this sector in the state are:

  • The presence of a strong resource base coupled with the advantage of having well-developed research capabilities in the state
  • Vast talent pool, skilled manpower, and infrastructure facilities
  • Cost-effective manufacturing facilities
  • Karnataka has a strong pharmaceutical sector that exports around 40% of the pharma production taking place in the state
  • Availability of government support for creating a conducive environment for growth and development of the biotech sector in the state
  • Exclusive biotech centers and parks planned in various cities and towns of the state including the Nutraceutical and Phyto Pharmaceutical Park at Mysore, Agri Biotech Park at Dharwad, Marine Biotech Park at Mangalore, and Vivarium at Bidar
  • Active single window clearance process for biotech projects, handled by the Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services (KBITS)
  • Providing concession packages for mega biotech projects
  • Establishing biotech parks across various parts of the state
  • Bringing research labs under the umbrella of green category
  • Encouraging Biotechnology (BT) finishing schools to help students acquire the skills needed to get employment in the biotech sector
  • Encouraging the development of bioinformatics in Karnataka
  • Biotechnology Karnataka placed at the forefront of Biotechnology in the country is rightly known as the Biotech Capital of India. Karnataka is home to large array of biotechnology educational, R&D institutions and enterprises: large companies, medium-sized ones, and many promising biotech start-ups. All of these are integral parts of the ecosystem required to find innovative solutions and to convert them into products and processes to mitigate challenges such as hunger, malnutrition, health and wellness, energy deficiency and deterioration of the environment.

    Biotech Sector in Karnataka reflects:

    • 200 plus biotech companies including BIOCON the first one to go public.
    • Rapidly growing number of biotech start-ups
    • Contribution of 26% of India‘s biotech revenues including high export revenues and domestic sales.
    • Highest expenditure for R&D
    • A diverse range of specialized domain training from agriculture to energy to bio-engineering.
      Employs approximately 19,000 scientists in biotech sector in which women constitute 15.6 % of the total manpower and is on the rise.
    • Biotech Park Clusters for focused Innovation Karnataka has been committed to establish Biotech Park Clusters such as BBC (Bangalore Bioinnovation Center) and in other cities across the state (Mysore, Dharwad, Mangalore and Bidar) to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and manufacturing of biological products to meet the challenges of the society. The focus areas are agriculture, health & wellness, medical devices, animal welfare, energy and environment.

    Bangalore Helix Park Cluster:

    • Bio Innovation Center (BBC) to host 25+ start-ups & access to high tech instrumentation facility.
    • Institute for Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB).
    • Centre for Human Genetics (CHG) Other Clusters in Karnataka:
      • Nutraceutical and Phyto-pharmaceuticals in collaboration with CFTRIMysore
      • Agricultural Biotechnology in collaboration with UAS- Dharwad
      • Marine / Aqua Biotech in collaboration with the College of Fisheries, Mangalore
      • Animal Biotechnology area in collaboration with KVAFSU- Bidar. Bio-venture fund: Karnataka has set-up a bio-venture fund, with a corpus of Rs. 50 Crores (~USD 8.0+ Million), in partnership with professional venture capital firms. The State will give 26 percent of the fund and the remaining 74 percent will be raised from venture capitalists. Biotech Skills Development & Research Base: Karnataka home to a strong research and entrepreneurship culture, has invested to develop skilled human resources and educational infrastructure.

    The institutions are:-

    • Institute for Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB)
    • Institute of Agriculture Biotechnology (IABT)
    • Centre for Human Genetics (CHG)
    • Biotechnology Finishing Schools (BTFS) Intellectual Property and Innovation Management In order to promote Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Innovation, the Karnataka Biotechnology Team intends tol develop a comprehensive database on patents, with on-line processing. It will establish an exclusive IP Cell to advise entrepreneurs on how to file patents and protect IPR. Single Window Clearance for Biotechnology Projects A Single Window Clearing Mechanism is available to clear all projects of the biotechnology industry. The agency will follow up both in principle and actual sanction by the respective departments, and will be serviced by The Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services (KBITS).